Lessons learned through the semester

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I never thought that I would run a blog. I used to think they were kinda silly but I was introduced to many types of blogs through my mass communications classes at Texas State. Last semester I ran a Tumblr blog and I really enjoyed it. This semester in my Digital & Online Media course was the first time I had heard of WordPress. I love writing and it motivated me to continue writing when others comment and drop insight. I will try to make more room daily to attend to my WordPress since the summer brings more freedom. I have really enjoyed this experience! Time to take a test!


End of Semester Progress

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End of Semester Progress

April 8th 2013

Keeping Track of Ones Fitness Progress Through Photographs

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Documenting photographs of your personal development as you continue to push for a better physique will help to increase ones motivation tremendously. Being able to actually see and recognize how your body is changing through all the various exercises allows you to see which type of exercises or set/rep combos best work to get the most progress. I have included a SLIDESHOW OF PROGRESS PHOTOS (click the caps!!)from about a year ago and the last three photos are recent photos from about a month ago. Hope you enjoy and start keeping track of your own progress through photographs.

Inception Directions Morning Smoothie.

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Video inside a video describing how to make a morning smoothie I like to make before tests and after runs.

14oz of chicken breast from Harvest Farm

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Post-Workout Nutrition
Last week I decided to go ahead and figure out exactly how much protein, fat and carbs I was getting with my post-workout meal. I only figured in the chicken breast for this and was actually very surprised. 93.6 grams of protein, 436 calories, and 3.6 grams of fat!


Looking for a Pre-Workout?

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Looking for a Pre-Workout?

Thinking of experimenting with pre-workouts? My favorite is Assualt by Muscle Pharm

Before trying any supplement make sure to do your own research on the ingredients, some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others and most pre-workouts do have caffeine, but you can find some without it.

Sterling Nutrition: App Idea of mine.

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So I thought, ‘how convenient to have an app that would organize recipes according to what they will do for our bodies after we intake all the nutrients. Being able to find recipes easily that would help you to bulk through high caloric, high protein meals or fat-burning recipes that have certain ingredients that ignite our fat stores would make it much easier to be able to reach your own personal goals. Whether trying to gain mass, burn fat, prepare for a contest, or any other goal one might have, the recipes would be here.

I build the app demos using a website that gives you free templates to experiment with ideas on how the app may look if one decided to follow through with your own ideas.